If you are the owner of an existing listing and would like to edit your business page, you need first Claim your business. You can do that by going to your business page and clicking on “Claim” on the top of the page, just beside the link to “Add review”.

To add a new Listing:
Go to the “Add Business“ page. 
Choose your package depending on how many listings you want to submit and how long do you want it to be visible for the users.
Type all the relevant information about your business and click on “Preview”.
If you are happy with the result, click on “Submit Listing”.
Fill in your Billing Details and click on “Place order”.
That’s it! Now one of our administrators will review your listing and, if everything is in order, your listing should be available within two business days.

Your own unique URL to use

Customers can contact you direct via your own contact form

Google SEO – We constantly update our business listings to ensure that google search engines direct customers to you

We bring you new customers – Iamessex is constantly promoting our listings to our social network, mail outs and at events.

Become part of an ever growing family of essex business owners

Yes! As we are holding personal information from European citizens, we have made our Privacy & Policy and implemented all the necessary tools to be GDPR Compliant.

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